Playhouse Coop Design.....has anyone built this design?


11 Years
Apr 1, 2008
British Columbia, Canada
I quite like the Playhouse Coop design shown on the BYC site. Has anybody built this design? My husband likes the design, but would like a 10' run. We will probably have 4-5 chickens (I will let them out in the yard as much as possible).

I would like to have a window that opens with wire cover and make a sliding poop tray. I'd thought about having a slat board idea over the sliding poop tray, similar in concept to the Eglu. I do wish to minimize the chickens stepping in poop, while making the coop easy to clean.

Is there sufficient ventilation for wintering with 4-5 birds? It appears that the vent is along the roofline interior.
If you have the chance, go into YouTube and search for the playhouse coop. The designer has videos of him walking through some of the features. I found it very informative, though the videos are not a substitute for the plans.
I bought the plans, studied them with the pictures and built the coop. Very simple & nice looking when done. I'll post my pics later.

I did have trouble finding the roof materials and the 1" wire at 1st but after some digging around I found sources.

I put about $500 into it.

I know arwmommy built this coop too. She used cedar shingles on hers instead of the roof shown and it looks really nice. I almost went with this plan myself but found another playhouse style I like better.
I'd love to see photos of other playhouses built. I would expect to pay around $500-$700 before we're done. We won't be taking any shortcuts, you know the old saying "build it right the first time"!

posted her playhouse coop pic in the thread above - it's a thing of beauty.

John01, did you put wheels on your coop (there's one on the ground in the photo)? Nice job building it, it looks great.

Ozzie, thank you for posting that link to arwmommy. She had some great modifications. I especially like that she made the henhouse 4'x4' instead of 4'x2'.

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