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Apr 3, 2008
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Christmas is just around the corner, and with the economy the way it is going to be tough tyring to buy all that is on that list. If you have a child that likes video games, this is the system for you. It includes the Console, wiring, 3 controller's, 4 memory cards and 15 games (1 disk has 6 games so it's like getting 20 games in all). It is in good working condition as well as the games when we unplugged it. All games are in the original case except for 2 but they are in a case.
Happy Bidding. Buyer will pay Shipping cost that will be $15 for large flat rate shipping box. Pics added below.

The games include:
MLB 2001
MLB 2002
Shrek (Treasure Hunt)
Madden 1998 (Football)
Madden 2000 (Football)
NFL GameDay 1998
Mary-Kate & Ashley (go to the mall)
Driver 2 (2 disk)
Nascar 1999
Cart World Series
Namco Museum (6 games on 1 disk) Ms Pac-Man, DigDug, Galaxian, Pole Position II, Phozon, The Tower of Druaga
Reel Fishing



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