PLEASE don't allow the spread of hate via lies

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    I want to introduce any of you who haven't heard of it to something called TinEye ( The next time you see a picture posted on facebook or elsewhere and think "geez, where did that come from?" try searching on TinEye. It scans the web for any other page that posted the same image. Often, you can trace a photo that becomes part of an urban legend to its original source.

    I'm not going to post the link because it's disturbing, but SOMEONE on my facebook shared a link containing images of burned human bodies in a street, with an accompanying caption that claimed that the images were of christians burned alive by muslims, and that we need to stand together to take action. I used TinEye to search the image, and found that what REALLY happened was that an oil tanker exploded OVER A YEAR AGO and the horrible photos were of the victims of the accident. Someone decided to dig up the photo and make up lies, solely to spread hate among another group of people, and apparently it's going viral on Facebook. I know there are thousands of people here, and I'm hoping I can prevent the lie from spreading further.

    So, if you see something like I described posted by one of your Facebook Friends, search the image on TinEye, and you'll come to a small article in an African newspaper in French, and using that information and searching the archives of the news source, you can find a much more detailed English version with a video. I will not post it here, but if an ADULT needs to see the truth for himself/herself, PM me and I'll forward it to you.

    And please, before you pass on some "news" or "warning" please take a moment to check if it is really true.


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    ... timely warning....

    ...since the world is going to end next Friday.... [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    You know, its nice to see a link to a site that corrects those things that people believe. I am grateful everyday with all the terrible 'fwd' messages I get that are made up or inaccurate to the point I reply to EVERYONE in those emails with a link showing its a hoax or lie.

    The site name slips my mind since its after 4am right now... but I also have the link handy in my bookmarks. (Will not dig through for the site name, but its been around FOR YEARS so people here already know what I am talking about.)

    Anyways, back to not being asleep yet!

    Thanks for the link!
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    Quote:The big one that comes to mind is Snopes, but there are others.
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    yes, Snopes is the one I meant! [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the link! What drives me nuts is when I find a species new to me in a photo...and I can't find out what it is because it's been mislabeled a thousand times.

    Oh, and outright lies used to insight hatred. That too.
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    I do agree that before something is forwarded it should be checked out. Of course if it's posted on Facebook, I tend to not take anything posted there very seriously.
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    Quote:Does that mean I don't have to pay my mortgage this month? hang on thats my weekend off it cant end then!!!
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    Yes, I most certainly agree. Almost all of the FWD messages I receive are either nonsense or just outright fabrications. I second and third the suggestions that everyone check out the stories before sending them on to some unsuspecting soul who will take the lie as gospel and continue to spread the lie. All good suggestions here.
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    I never take anything at face value. Always question, research then validate. I hate sticking my #10 in my mouth.

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