Please don't lough at my ???? I am still learning

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    Say if you want to get eggs for one of the broody hens, if you collect some eggs for days and laied them in your house no freg, would that work?? and how you guys do for an incubator?
    the reason I am asking such questions, because I really don't know the answers.
    what is candeling??

    please help me understand some of the knowladge you guys have, I really will be thankful for all the info I can get.

    thanks again.


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    You collect them an put them on the counter till you have enough but about 7 days is as long as you need to wait.

    Candling is shining a light threw the egg to see if anything is growing in it.
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    OK. No problem!

    Yes, you would collect the eggs (however many you want) and place them under the broody OR you could make or buy an incubator. There is a really good thread by Miss Prissy that shows exactly how to make an incubator.

    Candling is when you use a bright light , like a flashlight, to look inside the eggs to see if it developing or not!

    Hope this helped you! [​IMG]
  4. Omran

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    Jul 26, 2008
    Bagdad KY
    thank you guys, I really appreciate it.

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    Store the clean fertile eggs in an area which is kept at 55°- 60°F and 70-75% humidity. Never store eggs at temperatures about 75°F and at humidities lower than 40%. These conditions can decrease hatchability dramatically in a very short period of time. Basement usually works the best.Also slant or turn the fertile eggs daily while they are being stored. Store the eggs small end down and slanted at 30-45 degrees. Putting a piece of 2" x 4" under one end of the carton or storage container and changing it to the other end daily works well.

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