Please help...did I just kill me chicks???


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Sep 15, 2013
I am on day 20 of my hatchery. The temperature spiked to 106. I have 3 eggs that have started pipping. I had one hatch this morning before the temp spike. I opened up the incubator to cool them off. There is no movement in the chicks that started pipping. I candled a few and no movement either Did this temperature spike kill all my eggs? I am using a little giant still air incubator.
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im no expert, but you didnt mention how long the temp spike lasted, i would say all you can do is wait and see, but others will chime in
The temp went up because the incubator thermometer was left outside the incubator (teenagers..) it was left out for about 5 hours top. So the temp started at the point.

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