please help! emergency! egg bound?

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  1. augiedranch

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    Mar 14, 2008
    i have a golden polish. i have had her for about three years.. she had a really hard life before i got her.. she was fed goat food, and only goat food, and was left in a small dirt pen.

    anywase, she is free range, and fed free choice laying mash crumbles. its 13 or 14 bucks a bag, and its by purina. so its good quality. she is also given oyster shell supplements for calcium. i jsut have it where they can nibble on it whenever they want too.

    ok. cheetah lays almost every day. shell take a day or two off a week.

    the day before yesterday. no cheetah egg. i didnt thnk anything of it of course.. however, i saw her in the nest where she lays.. i thought maybe she was resting or a snake got her egg..

    then again, yesterday, she was in the nest but no egg.. for some stupid reason i didnt think anything of it

    then today. no egg again! so i looked at her butt and its full of poop.

    she is eating like a pig, and seems like herself..

    i put her in a warm water bath.. didnt do anything. i cleaned her butt/vent off really good and squirted some vegtable oil in her, nothing..
    i put vasaline on my fingers and tried to feel around.. i didnt feel anything i dont know what to do!

    a vet isnt an option. i work at a vet clinic, and NOBODY around me even looks at chickens. i know more than my vet does about chickens! i found a chicken vet, and it was over three hours away..

    so i need to do something...

    is she egg bound? i cant tell! what should i doooo

    please please help me
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    New Jersey
    First, thank you for rescuing Cheetah and for being such a great mom to her! [​IMG]

    She may well be eggbound. The good news is that she is eating well and is not yet appearing to be in great distress.

    You already did a number of good things. She may need another warm bath to move things along. Have you noticed whether she is eating the oyster shell of late?

    I've had this same situation but my poor hen as it turned out had internal laying problems and before that sometimes soft shelled eggs (rubbery eggs that are not easy to pass) - not all cases are like that though. Sometimes people use a Tums in an emergency to provide extra calcium to help the hen along.

    Do you give her V&E from time to time or Avia Charge 2000 in her water? Just a thought that some extra supplements wouldn't hurt.

    Hope she'll be alright. [​IMG] Will check back in to see how things are going.
  3. CUDA

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    Mar 4, 2008
    Try reading this thread HERE from someone who was going through the eggbound issue. You can also read more about dealing with eggbinding HERE . Good luck!
  4. augiedranch

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    Mar 14, 2008
    thank yall!

    im about to do another bath soaking..
    this is just soo sad. shes so sweet and had such a rough life. i actually do love this lil hen... [​IMG]

    no, i dont supplement with anything.. i give these special treats that someone gave me, that are sopose to have minerals in it.. i dont give them often though.. i havent actually seen her eat the oyster shells,, seeing i dont think they actually like them! but i really hope i can help her,, this is so sad.

    thank you

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