Please help! I don't know what is wrong with my duck!


May 11, 2021
Very 1st time owning ducks! My pekin female has separated herself from my other 3 ducks (all female). She is laying with head down. She has white goo coming from vent. The feathers seem to be pulled from around the vent. Seems a bit swollen. My ducks are about 4 months old. Could be one or two weeks more. We got them at Easter. So not for positive (Purchased from Bomgaars). Two days ago we found 2 eggs. Not sure who layer them and they were laid in the evening. One egg was very soft and the other normal. We thought maybe she was trying to lay an egg but we don't feel anything. I am very worried and feel so bad for her. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't know anyone where I live that has experience with ducks.


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Oct 16, 2020
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You can't always feel an egg in an egg bound duck. I would give her calcium gluconate. You can get it at TSC. For a 23% solution: 0.2mL/ 1lb duck. If you are unable to find that, a tums or calcium tablet will work as well. I would also give her a warm bath to soak in to help her pass any eggs. I would let her soak for 30 minutes. It can take up to 24 hours for the egg to pass.

@Miss Lydia may have other thoughts on it as well.

If you are not providing oyster shells, I would start providing that for them. It will take a bit to get them to eat it. I add mealworms to get them to realize that their are oyster shells and they can eat them.

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I hope you can get the calcium gluconate it is really the best when they have an egg they can't pass. 1ml is what we use. Get a 1 ml syringe [diabetic] most pharmacies carry them. Is she eating? if she isn't you can give this by mouth but you have to be extremely careful not to get it down the middle hole it has to go down the right side of your ducks throat.
soaking in warm water is good too. do it as much as she'll tolerate.

Sorry its taken so long to reply
how is she today?


May 11, 2021
Thank you both!! Getting the calcium gluconate and oyster shell. Will do the soaking as well. She is eating and drinking, but still seems like she is struggling. She came out of house this morning and ate and drank but then went back to where she was last night. She was still standing when I left for work. Hubby is home today and going to get the stuff and do baths. Will she be able to lay eggs fine after this?

Update: Hubby just said that he found a slimy egg type thing in the pool. He changed the pool and all four ducks in there. I hope she got in the pool after I left and laid the egg. Going to still watch her and get the stuff.

Thank you so much for the information!!! I was struggling trying to find info I could understand. Everything I was getting said it was vent gleet.
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Jul 24, 2020
Hoping the best for you and your beautiful girl! I'm happy you were able to get some good advice from the lovely folks above!
It's so hard to see our feathered friends feel so poorly. Please keep us updated!


May 11, 2021
Thank you! I feel I received some great advice and information. I appreciate it so much.

She is much better. I am confident she laid the egg. She is moving around with our other ducks, eating and drinking. She looks better also. We were not prepared for any of them to lay eggs. I really didn't think they are old enough.

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