Please Help.....I have to build a new coop due to city ord.

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    I had the city insp. knocking on my door this am because my neighbor complained that my chickens (which I got this past Sun) were making their dogs "crazy". I did not check the city ord. because I know several people in my area who have chickens without any problems, matter of fact the person who gave me mine live down the road from me. Anyway, this is a copy of the ord. and I am not quite sure I understand the requirements. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Sec. 7-103. - Keeping in residential area; specifications, etc., for chicken house and yard.

    Generally. It shall be unlawful for any person to keep any rooster within a residential area in the city, and it shall be further unlawful for any person to keep within a residential area in the city more than twenty-five (25) chickens outside of a brooder or to keep any such chickens except in a chicken house, or chicken house and yard, meeting the following specifications of structure, situation and maintenance, except on the grounds of an institution keeping chickens solely for consumption by its own residents or inmates, at a distance of two hundred (200) feet or more from residences of other ownership and occupancy.

    Chicken houses.

    Floors. There shall be not less than four (4) feet of floor space per chicken outside of a brooder, and the floor shall be made of concrete or other impervious material, not less than three (3) inches thick and shall have a smooth surface which is easily cleaned. The provisions of this paragraph and paragraph (2) of this subsection shall not prohibit the keeping of chickens in a chicken house which is constructed with a floor at least thirty (30) inches above the surface of the ground and of a wire mesh material which will permit the droppings to fall upon the ground.

    Walls, etc. The foundation, wall and floor shall be constructed of concrete or other impervious material.The floor slab shall extend to the outer edge of the wall and a four-inch concrete wall shall extend twelve (12) inches above the finished floor level and eighteen (18) inches below the surface of the ground. Both floor and wall shall be poured integrally. The wall shall be single and shall contain no dead space. Windows, or open space equivalent to not less than twenty (20) percent of the floor area, shall be provided for light and ventilation.

    Food hopper. A food hopper so constructed as to prevent feed from being scattered over the chicken yard or floor of the house and which is at least twelve (12) inches above the floor or ground level shall be provided.

    Feed storage bin. A ratproof storage bin constructed of concrete or metal shall be provided.

    Chicken yard. It shall be unlawful for any person to maintain within a residential area of the city a chicken yard, unless it is connected with a chicken house as described in subsection (b). Each chicken yard shall be well drained, but not across the immediate occupied premises of another. The surface shall be of such material and in such condition as to be easily cleaned, and the yard shall be so enclosed as to prevent the escape of chickens.

    Separation of chicken house and yards from residence of others. It shall be unlawful for any person to locate or maintain a chicken house or yard within forty (40) feet of the residence of another person and within twenty (20) feet of their property line.

    Maintenance of chicken house and yard. The chicken house and yard shall at all times be kept free from trash and accumulation of droppings. If droppings and trash obtained from cleaning the house and yard are allowed to accumulate on the premises, they shall be stored in a metal or concrete container which is provided with a tightly fitting cover and shall be treated in such a manner as will prevent their giving off objectionable odors. If garbage is fed, the remains shall be removed from the chicken house and yard daily and disposed of in the same manner as the droppings or otherwise in accordance with city ordinances. No feed of any type shall remain in a chicken house or yard, outside of a ratproof bin, after dark or before daylight. A deodorant proven to be effective shall be distributed in a sufficient quantity under the roost and on the floor to control odors. The watering trough shall be kept clean to sight and touch.
    (Code 1965, ยง 7-39)sure
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    It looks like the biggest issue is that the coop must be 20 feet from the property line of the people who complained. Do you have neighbors surrounding you? If so, you may want to talk to them before you construct your coop [I bribe my neighbors with eggs]. It also seems that you must have a run in addition to your coop. Check craigslist or check here there are some great coop ideas.

    What a drag. Sorry that happened to you.
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    Wow, I don't think I've ever seen such detailed and specific regulations! Except for the whole concrete floor/wall thing, I think the rest is pretty good. That is a bit overkill if you ask me. It may have to do with ground water issues in your area or may be intended to weed out those who want to get chickens on a whim. After reading it again, it may be that rats are the main concern and the concrete is to keep them from chewing in and making nests. Make friends with the inspector. Ask him what material are considered impervious (plywood floor with linolium?) Ask his help in planning your coop and ask for some time to do it right. See if there have been any variances given to anyone of alternate designs and if a variance is a possibility if your design is in line with the intent of the law. Good luck on your efforts, it's a shame you have to jump through the hoops because of a neighbor. Try to resist mentioning the others with chickens, it will not help you and will only hurt them. I would look up any applicable ordinances on crazy dogs. [​IMG]
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    No Roosters.

    25 or less chickens and must be confined in a "chicken house" and if a "yard" (run) is included it must be attached to the "Chicken house" (no free range).

    Each chicken must have 4' of floor space (appears you can included the "yard" with the "chicken house" in the calculations.

    Concrete floor or other impervious material 3" or more thick UNLESS the floor is 30" or more above the surface of the ground then wire mesh material permitted for the floor.

    No requirement for walls IF the floor is 30" or more above the surface of the ground.

    Implies (if floor is 30" or more above the ground) that windows or open space (light and ventilation) should not be less then 20% of the floor area.

    Food. Feeder must be at least 12" above the ground and you can not allow scattering of feed. Feed storage must be rat proof.

    Must be a least 40' from neighbors homes and 20' from their property line.

    Maintained and odors controlled.
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    how many chickens do you have? this way we know how big of a coop you need. Its easier for a smaller coop to be raised.
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    Quote: good grief
    U better have a big yard.

    Luckily the only thing my city has said is keep the odor and noise down. If a neighbor complains about ether then they have to go. Basically the same thing that would apply to dogs and pets.
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    Satsuma, Al
    I have 8 hens and my back yard is about 1/2 acre. I am on a corner lot with a wooded lot on my right and the problem neighbors backyard buts up to mine. I spoke to the Insp. again (really nice guy) and he suggested moving it to the corner runs by the road. I asked him if I needed to call him when I get it completed and he said that I would not see him again unless there was another complaint. Thanks for the responses.
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    Feb 18, 2011
    Gosh, this is a pain. We do have similar ordinances in parts of CA. We have to have our coops 30' from any bedroom window (vertical and otherwise), even your own bedroom windows. We have a regular residential lot, but in a rural mountain area. Our coop is right up next to our one neighbors house but they've been good in the year we've had chickens. Don't despair. Just build a coop and run and maybe plant a couple trees along the border with your neighbors. Some neighbors can really make you want to move!
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    Sounds like they want it to cost more than they are worth. A complete concrete building with 4 sq. ft. per chicken. WOW. I might can see a rooster in a neighborhood but hens? Most cities allow hens and i see they do to after you spend a $1000 just to have a building for them?
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    I'm actually impressed with this set of regulations. It sounds as if they are saying that if you keep chickens you had better do it right. Now you might not completely agree on what "right" is but they have at least put some real thought into it and not just a bunch of ignorant assumptions. The walls need not be made of concrete, just the wall's foundation and the floor. I agree that's a pretty stringent requirement.

    I guess I'd better get to work on my new concrete chicken coop floor... yikes.
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