PLEASE HELP! I helped a chick hatch. Can I put it under her or will she reject it?

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So my hen hatched 8 chicks over the last 2 days. She had moved off the nest with her brood and left 4 eggs, 1 was pipping and the other 3 were not fully formed. She got irritated when I tried to get her to attend to the chick in its egg. After 12 hours and no progress, I helped it out, but it was so tired and couldn't move. I kept it inside to dry and get its strength back. Meanwhile I had to move the hen and chicks to a safer spot inside my coop. Can I just put the chick underneath her now? It is 21h45 and it is dry but not stable on its feet. Will she reject it? Please help!
I put it back with mommy & chicks last night. This morning I checked and the hen is oblivious to the new arrival. I am so relieved. The chick however doesn't listen to the hen add well as the others do. Probably because I was the first to attend to it, put it in the spare room bed with the electric blanket on and chatted to it the first 8 hours of its life. Lol!
But thank you for replying.
Glad it all worked out. I have my 1st successful broody hen this year. It is amazing to watch her teach those babies everything. On the down side, those babies are like wild. They do not like us people at all. I never dreamed they would be so wild. We only had 3 hatch out, and I gave one to a friend a couple weeks ago. Maybe with you having more, they wont be as wild as ours. If you have any other questions, let me know. If I don't know, someone else will
They are too cute.. Getting so big already!
I have a new mommy hen that is worrying me now.
She has 2 chicks and started with 4. Doesn't seem protective or motherly towards them either. 1 she definitely killed. The other looked perfect, (as in not pecked) but was dead.
She calls them to eat, then growls. Then is all nurturing again.

The other 3 broods are doing well though. Expecting another next week.. 8 eggs.
They do grow so quick! One thing I don't like about my brooder & her babies is that she takes care of them & the lack of human/chick interaction makes the chicks more wild. Our babies want nothing to do with people.

That is crazy about your other hen. If she kills another one, I'd put her in the crock pot! Just saying.

Good luck with your other babies! Take care & thanks for the update.

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