Please help idenrify killer of chick


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Feb 22, 2017
Hello, so today after coming home very early i found that mu siblings were telling me a chick was dead. They told me my dog came and left it in the door. I find it strange my dog would kill it. So i doubt it. By inspecting the chick, it is wet all around and has no marks or blood. I cant identify the killer or could it had been my dog. Also my chicks were feeding near my tomato plants wich have exposed fertilizer. So, any idea


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When a snake tries to swallow a chick it starts with the head. IF the chick is too big, then it will sort of regurgitate the chick -- and the head will be wet, slimy. The chick is dead by this time. Perhaps a snake got your chick. Your dog may have just been bringing it to you.
Could be other things....perhaps your dog was playing and the playing got out of hand and the dog slobbered on the chick.

Sorry that you lost one. Seems like snakes are poking around a lot this time of year.

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