Please help identify breed and sex


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Mar 6, 2013
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The only breed I know for certain is Jersey Giants and I think the golden ones are Red Sex Links ... they were sexed all as pullets, but I'd like confirmation. ;) They are 7 weeks if that helps.

Roo ?

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The 1st picture looks like a roo but it might be the picture
The 3rd picture looks rooish too, the comb is rather large for a 7 weeker.
I am not an expert on Jersey Giants though.
Thanks! I was afraid you might say there was a roo :/ ... We just rescued a Partridge Cochin rooster that spent the winter cooped up with 3 other cockerels and got beat up badly. Tractor Supply had them all sexed as pullets ... we didn't buy straight runs ...

I have two I suspect might be Roosters ... Not sure on any of the breeds though. Well save for the Red Sex Links ... Not even sure the Jersey Giants are Jersey Giants ... haha .
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