Please help identify my ducklings


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We got 3 new ducklings at the feed store the other day. This is our first time with ducks, so it's all new to us. I assumed at the store that since they were yellow they must be pekin. When we got home and I really got to looking at them and getting to know them better, I don't feel they are pekin. If I had to guess I would say 2 are buff (one has a pink beak and one orange). The third one seems to keep himself more upright than the other 2. I am wondering if he could be a runner. He does seem to be the watch duckling and protect the other 2 so I am not sure if he just stands taller because of that. I am also wondering why one has a pink beak and the other orange. Could this be a way to determine male/female? If so which is female?
With them scrunched down, it is hard to tell if they have a runner stance. My F&W had slightly darker face fuzz.
My guess would be pekins.
I would say Pekin. I have two. One has an orange beak and one has a pink beak. The pink beaker always stands more upright. This one is also a female (she quacks). The other is a boy as he still peeps. They are around 5 weeks old.
You could be right about the buff...mine looked a lot like a Pekin or Runner at first, but his bill started turning purplish within a week and when he started to feather he was a buff. The other was actually a fawn and white runner.

And the one in the middle of pics 1,2, and 4 does look runner-ish. I've noticed that not only do they stand up straighter, but even when relaxed their chests don't stick out as much. My buff would stand up straight a lot, maybe to mimic the runner, but he still didn't quite look like the same body shape.
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Thanks for help. I guess time will tell what I do actually have. Since these are our first ducklings I don't know how ducklings normally act, but when we let them out of their box an I lay a blanket on the ground they all love to run and sometimes flap their wings while running. I am not sure if that is typical of all ducklings or just certain breeds. Sometimes the one is more upright when he runs and sometimes not.
Update- All 3 ended up being Pekins. I was hoping for 1 buff, but maybe next spring I will look into getting some buff ducks.

She still has a pink colored bill. She is very ornery and the ring leader of the 3.

Here is a picture of her showing her bill color

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