Please Help Identify Mystery Button Chick...


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Apr 3, 2013
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Prior to my most recent/current hatching, I purchased two young chicks from a seller who buys their eggs from elsewhere. Long story short, I only wanted one chick to use as a surrogate elder in case I only had one hatchling from my own incubation survive. Anyway, I ended up with a mystery chick (pictured below) that I am hoping someone can help me identify. It is approximately one week old. When I first obtained it, it had two tan lines running down its back. The feathers coming in now are silver in color, with a few tan colors coming in around the upper back. Its eyes are larger than those of my own hatchlings. The colors coming in are quite pretty, so I am curious what variety of button this one is.....

Thanks so much in advance for any input on this!
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Sorry I'm not much help, but have you looked up identifying colors of baby buttons? There are a couple websites that have pics of colors as a baby. I can't remember what they are but just search button quail colors.
Yep, I've been looking around at a few different websites, but nothing definitive....possibly a golden pearl, as that looked to be the closest one matching. Maybe it is just too young yet to identify, and I will just have to wait and see until all of its feathers come in.
the preliminary feathers looks a lot like the mother of two of my hatched chicks. i dont exactly know what she is, it's hard with the hens for me. but my babies are coming out like that too, with the stripes and all.
Thanks everyone. I ran across a similar posting here on BYC that dates back to 2009. The poster shows better quality photos than what I have above, and their chick looks exactly like the one I have. I'll send them a private message in hopes of them responding, but in case I don't hear anything back, I wanted to show the link with the better quality photos (scroll down on the page to see the photos they posted)....
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It really is a pretty coloring. I tried to take some more photos of him/her (still looking a bit bedraggled with the combination of fuzz and new feathers), but here is what it looks like today....

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