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PLEASE HELP!! I'm not sure if this is a hurt leg, or something more

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by TxFairy, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. TxFairy

    TxFairy Hatching

    Nov 10, 2009
    ok, I know I sound stupid, but I don't know if her neck is supposed to bend forward when she's on her back, I'm not sure if that's a growth, or if I should be worried.

    please help me!! she hasn't walked in a week, she barely flaps her wings at all, now, (she wouldn't flap them at all a week ago) I dont know what's wrong with her, I thought she hurt her leg, but she is STILL not walking on it. she'll put pressure on it, but it's like she doesn't have any strength or control on that leg, or something, please help!!

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  3. TxFairy

    TxFairy Hatching

    Nov 10, 2009
    she has been laying in a dog crate for a week, she seems to be drinking, but not a lot of eating, every time I give her fresh food, she seems to be pecking at it, but then, not very much is gone when I check back.

    this is what I KNOW... she can't walk, I found her in the yard, laying on her left side, about a week ago, hadn't even moved out of her own poo, she wasn't moving much at all, she's always been a quiet one, so I didnt think much of this at the time, but she also hasn't made a niose the whole time I have been dealing with her, and she also wasn't moving her wings much, but could, so I thought she was being docile... I put her in a seperate building, alone, in a dog crate, with food and water, right next to her head, she doesn't have to move to get to them.

    she is STILL in the dog crate, she moves her feet a lot more, and even started to flap her wings more, when I picked her up. I tried to get her to stand, and she acted like she was trying to jump, for a little while, but wouldn't stand up, when she finally calmed down, I layed her on her back, to look at her legs more, and see if she'd push against my hands, and she will push with her right leg, but not her left(the same leg that's been a problem all along), and I was looking her over again, to see if I could find any evidence of a problem, when I noticed her neck seems to bend forward, like up, towards me, when I look at her, I would have thought it would be straight against what she was laying on, but, maybe this is normal, I'm really not sure.
  4. It's possible she has experienced a neck trauma and her entire nervous system is therefore out of whack.
    If a disease, it would have progressed in a week and you'd have narrowed down the cause.
    Can't rule out Marek's but it wounds like her neck was damaged.
    Not sure if it is possible to brace a chicken's neck or if it would prolong her distress, hope someone will comment on that.
    Any chance of involving a vet, or an experienced owner nearby?
    She can be fed her layer mash wet with water, yogurt, cooked egg, etc.
    You can also add a low dose aspirin (81 mg), crushed to 1 quart of water to ease pain.
    Double-check the bad leg for bruising and breaks. Any thoughts that it might be the pelvis? The neck pisition could be her way of easing pain and awkward positioning.
    A broken leg can be cast, but not sure if at this point it would heal. It may be your only option of you find a break.
    If not eating she will certainly die, soon.
    But I rather think this is a very serious trauma and I'm so sorry this has happened, I know it distresses you terribly.
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