PLEASE HELP Is there anyone near southwest MS that has too many birds????????


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Jan 30, 2015
tylertown, ms
I am in a bad situation I love all my birds first of all however I don't have enough. I am raising chickens and pigs with my dad and we have 2 roosters and only six hens. He is on a fixed income and I am a full time student/ farmer. I have 5 hens that are laying but one pecks at everyone else. 1 is currently sick and not laying and the other four are being stressed out by the two roosters. I have the sick hen and the other RIR hen with my RIR rooster but he over mates with them. My Delware rooster is with my two Barred Rock hens and one dominic hen and they are losing feathers from being mated to much. I have the room for more but I can't find any. And newborns won't help my situation. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE AT ALL give me their number or have them email me please my email is [email protected]. I have a great home for more birds but I can't find any. Even if they are not laying but can be mated that is fine with me. Thank you for reading PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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