PLEASE HELP! Lost 2 chickens in 2 weeks!

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    I lost my Annie almost 2 weeks ago and she was fine and then saw some poop on her bum area but that was the only sign of something going wrong. She stood in one place and just kinda rocked ever so slightly. I seperated her so noone would pick on her and hurt her. Gave her water and food. She did drink but didn't eat. So Tuesday night I noticed my Trooper was kinda doing the same thing. She was my internal layer and in May she had had the surgery to remove the egg matter that had dropped down into her abdomen. She had laid eggs since she healed up but I had noticed over the last couple of weeks she was gettin the large abdomen again so I planned on taking her to the vet again for the surgery again and this time have a hysterectomy so no more egg issues (or hoped not). But I seperated her and put her in a cage with water and food, she ate but as far as I know she didn't drink. I had class yesterday morning and when Igot home she was just sitting there in the cage and I knew she prob wouldn't make it. I had an afternoon class so once I got home I went outside and sure enough she was gone. She had stretched her head through the bars of the kennel and her head was purple (comb and wattles). she also had the poo on her bum area but I had thought that she was just pooping out the egg material.

    Even though she had been an internal layer is there anyway that the 2 deaths are connected considering they both had poo stuck to their tail feathers?

    I have many more chickens and don't want to lose anymore chickens and not to mention have some 6 BOs and a BR/Delaware roo born in June, 2 other babies out there born in July. And then a Momma and her babies. Not to mention the broody hens. Not in the same pen or coop but out in the area.

    Does anyone know what this could be, should I try to treat them with something? I am so sad [​IMG] by losing my Trooper since I had planned on having the surgery done again to correct the internal laying problem. I am so worried about losing anymore. And the weather is not been as hot and humid as it was. Still hot but not as bad as July and August when I lost 2 girls then.

    Thanks for you help in advance! Sure hope there is someone out there can help me.
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    IDK but I m truly sorry for your loss-Im unfamiliar with internal laying and its signs-Im bumping the thread to keep it alive for others with more experience can help:-(
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    Jul 27, 2009
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  4. chickenlady08

    chickenlady08 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jul 27, 2009
    Eastern Shore, VA
    Please anyone?

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