PLEASE HELP!!!!!! Major Mite infestation!

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    Hello! We have a flock of chickens(30 -32 hens) that are all different ages. They have had mites every since two winters ago. We gave them garlic, turmeric, brewers yeast, DE.... and that seemed to help. Recently we put astroturf in the nesting boxes to help with the egg eaters and there are SO many mites crawling on the eggs, on the chickens....
    Its strange though, some of the younger chickens have hardy a mite on them and some of the older 4+ years hens have thousands probably. I read and article about moving them in a different coop for three weeks and any mites in the coop should die. Is this true? I read another article about mites being able to live for 6 months!!! We have dusted them with DE and wood ash and some of them dust bathe a lot!!! Thank you so so so much! Any advice is appreciated!

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    Once you have mites, they can be very difficult to get rid of. You stated that you dusted the birds, but did you do a thorough job of disinfecting and cleaning out the coop?
    If you can dust them very well and move them to a new, clean coop that would be ideal. You will need to change out all bedding etc. and burn it - if possible, burn the old coop as well!
    If you can't destroy the old coop, scrub it down well with a 1:1 mix of white vinegar & water, remove perches if possible and scrub them too. Ensure that you do this a couple of times before you return the birds to the coop - I would suggest a period of 2 weeks, but I have no science to base that number on. The birds will need dusting at least twice as per instructions on the insecticide container.
    Mites can cause anemia and death in young (and older) chickens.
    Let us know how it goes, [​IMG]
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    You can get it at Lowe's/Home Depot or any garden store.

    For the sake of your birds, please get some of this and dust them on their vents, their backs, under their wings, and around their necks... It will kill the mites. Repeat in seven days. Repeat one more time seven days later. Three treatments with seven days in between.

    Change out any bedding and dust the coop as well at the same time you dust your birds.

    Should knock it out, then you can dust as needed. :)

    Hope that helps!


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