Please help me... I have know idea what kind of ducks these are.


8 Years
Aug 30, 2011
We bought several ducklings from our local feed store in the spring and at the time they all looked pretty much alike except 2 had mottled bills. Now these ducks are twice the size as the other ducklings, now 4 months old (they are slightly larger than our largest Swedish) I am trying to find out the breed and possibly the sex of these ducks, I could not find anything that looked like them EXACTLY in books or on line. They were suppose to be rouen but I'm thinking maybe appleyard, saxony or welsh harlequin. They are hard to describe but here are the things I know for sure: they have mottled bills, orange feet, dark grey/brown heads with a partial ring around the neck, brown speckled chests, they are large heavy birds and have bright grey wings with white edging, their tails are sharply pointed and dark fading to a light under-belly. I'm going to try to include a photo but since this is my first post I'm not sure I can. I'm guessing they're males as they both have the low raspy voice and will try to "mate" anything in the yard, the smaller 1 is definitely a male as I vented him but I couldn't tell with the larger one as he/she was too strong.


Oregon Blues

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Apr 14, 2011
Central Oregon
I'd say hatchery quality Rouen. When the color finishes coming in on that drake, it will be more obvious. Hatchery ducks often look like mutts.

Definitely not Appleyard, or even Appleyard cross. Appleyards aren't nearly that dark, not even in their juvenile plumage and Appleyard juvenile plumage looks like they are wearing leopard skin spandex. Not Saxony. Saxony are buff colored.


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Apr 28, 2011
Just thought I would add, it doesnt look like mine did when they were getting their plumage in. it looks more like a scovie mix.

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