Please help me ID my duck


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Jan 6, 2012
Hi and thanks for reading, I bought a duck at auction and since I've had her she has been an amazing egg layer and has layed an egg everyday except 2 since 11/4/2011. I want to find out what breed she is so I can get some more like her.
I want to post some images of her but can't figure out how to do it.
Please help.
You wont be able to post pictures until you have 10 posts I believe. However the duck may be able to be identified if you can describe what she looks like.
Ok thanks,
She is lite tan over most of her body with a white/off white patch halfway down her neck to the top of her breast, her beak is black and has small black eyes, she lays a big white egg almost daily, and lately has been hiding it under the straw.
I know she is not a runner duck because she is too meaty and does not run around upright but waddles around, she loves the water and when her food dish is empty she quacks loudly, she snake across the grass catching flies and is pretty good at it (when it is warm enough for flies to be out,which is pretty often here in south Louisiana)
Thanks for the info and I will keep posting so I can get to my required 10 so I can put up some pics. of "Lucy" My wonder Duck.

If you email the pics to one of us, I'm sure we could post it for you... or just post some more. I think once you get 10 posts then you can do pics yourself. And
She looks like a WB Buff orpington but she has a black bill and I have never seen a orpington with a black bill.
Do buff orpington ducks ever have black bills?
I just put some pics. of Lucy on my page please go look, I will take some better pics. of her soon and post them.
Thanks for looking!
Congratulations, rifleman, Lucy is a looker!



My feeling is she's a mix of Swedish and something. She seems a little pale for a Buff unless she's not molted in a while. I just adopted two Buffs. My Romy's like that right now - Michele is definitely buff colored, and Romy's almost white because she hasn't molted and her feathers are sunbleached a bit.

So tell us more about this girl and how she's doing!


ETA: Looking at pictures of Swedish ducks, I feel more sure that she's Swedish, with possibly Buff Orpington. How much does she weigh, about? Five or six pounds, eight or ten pounds?
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