Please help me identify large birds


14 Years
Mar 1, 2009
Phoenix, Arizona
I have two very large birds appear at my farm today and are roosting on my fence right now. They are much larger than a chicken, they are gray with a white head, a splash of orange on the side of their head and have a black ring around the base of their head. There was a bad storm here yesterday and I'm guessing their housing was disturbed and now they're lost. I have a place to safely keep them until I find their owner but until I know what they are I'm leary of handling them. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. My chickens are free range and these birds didn't bother them all day so obviously they are not predator...I'm guessing Pheasants???? Thanks.
Do they look like this?

Gee that picture looks like a gray bird with a white head and redish orange on the side.Nah it couldn't be a guinea hen.
In N.H.,Tony.
yes tony it looks like the bird the op descibes but a guinea is not much larger than a chicken now is it and i hardly think a guineas wattle could be considered a splash of orange i dont think a domestic guinea is the mytery bird

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