Please Help Me Name New Puppy


11 Years
Feb 4, 2008
Venice, Florida
Here she is:


The lady I'm getting this pretty girl from wants to start teaching me her name. All I can think of is Lassie and it might be nice to be more original. She needs an official AKC name too.

Much thanks!
My first collie looked just like that as a pup, his AKC name was Bonnie Prince Andrew, we called him Andy. My tri-color was Kat's Paws Desert Sugar, called Sugar. We've had Desert Sands, called Sandy, a Blue Merle, Blue Boogie Bugle Boy, called Boogie. Look at your own name, your screen names, your hobbies, nicknames, it's not hard to come up with something pretty original.
Just going off your screen name how about Sweet's Pretty Lady? Or Sweet's Scottish Princess. Depending on the dog's bloodline and Sire's and Dam's name too,, what are they?
How about Candy... or Taffy ...sticking with your sweet shop theme

Sweet Shop's Candy Lass

Then you could call her Candy or Lassie

Some other's :

Sweet Shop's Cotton Candy

Sweet Shop's Spun Sugar

Sweet Shop's Golden Taffy

Sweet Shop's Golden Honey

Or you could call her Sweetie too with any of those names

She sure is a Beauty ( there's another one ! hehehehee) Congrats on your new pup!
Mine first though was Lacy. NOT Lassie, that is too common. She is so sweet . . .I don't really care for Collies all that much, but she is just beautiful. I like smaller dogs, only reason why!! Nothing personal!! A collie never bit me or anything!!

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