Please help me understand the difference between "drafty" and "well ventilated"

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    Hi all! Building my 8x8 coop and have some very small cracks between my rough cut siding. Everything I read says the coop should be well ventilated to prevent humidity but not drafty in the winter. Please keep in mind these cracks are small and no predators could possibly breach my security design. So, my question is simple- do I need to seal these cracks, or will they aid in the ventilation of my coop?

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    My coop walls are the same way...small cracks where the boards come together. Good ventilation is what you want. You want all moisture from breathing and pooping to be able to rise up and away and out the roof, while at the same time, create a place of dead air space around them while roosting.

    My roost bar is only 1 foot or so off the ground. So what I did was caulk all the cracks from the floor up to about 3 or so feet from the ground. The ceiling in the coop has venting all along the eaves as well. So from the floor up 3 feet, the air is relatively quiet air, and everything above 3 feet moves. My chickens are quite comfortable with this situation. Caulk is cheap, easy to apply and is quick as well.
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    I would seal up the wall cracks the best that you can. You are not in a really cold region so it may not be crucial. Sub zero air drafts on your birds is bad. Vents up high and dry is what you want to move moist air out. Mine all have wood flaps so that they can be closed or open according to storms and high winds. My pop doors are also open full time into a secure run as well as some up high vents. Enclosues around the pop door can also keep out drafts. I open up large panels for coop ventilation during the Summertime. Hope this helps!


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