PLEASE HELP!!! My Chester is limping!!

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    Jul 19, 2008
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    Ok so my rooster Chester has been limping for 6 days now. It started very mild and is worsening. We saved him from some neighbor kids that were trying to drown him when he was just days old. We were unsuccessful in finding him a home because he is a rooster. The local farms said that he would end up someone’s DINNER! So we kept him. We are almost done with the coop and run, but for now he lives in a big cage in the house (even has his own bedroom [​IMG] ) and free ranges in the yard about 3 hours a day. He is 4 months old and has not been in contact with other chickens since right after he hatched. However I am still concerned about Marek’s Disease. His foot seems to be lifeless and he can’t put weight on it. He had a speck of mud on it yesterday and couldn’t lift it high enough to peck at it. There is no sore or swelling. It is cooler to touch than the other foot so I assume that there is no infection. It is not curled up just doesn’t seem to work. He stretches it out in front of him when standing or resting. I have lightly squeezed up and down his leg and foot and it doesn’t seem to bother him. He is stubborn and won’t stay down for long. His other habits (eating, pooping, preening and CROWING IN THE HOUSE) have not changed. Just the leg. We do have reason to believe that he may have injured it because we were out at my grandma’s working on the coop and we took him with us. It is a very large area and he was having a hay day for about 5 hours. Maybe he just strained it....I don’t know [​IMG] . I am so scared and sad. I love him like one of the family and don’t know what to do!! [​IMG] If anyone can help I would be thankful!!!
    P.S. My neighbor grew up around chickens and he said it is because he is too fat. [​IMG] Do you think he is right?!?!?!
    These pics were taken yesterday.



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