Please help.. my eyes are about to fall out...


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Mar 23, 2008
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Please help me identify my little mystery bantam.. my eyeballs are about to fall out of my head and I think I have carpel tunnel from trying to look at a million online chick-pics. Still no idea what we have.. and all it is doing is making me want MORE CHICKS!! LOL

This is Bambi:


and a top view:


Bambi is the one on the left with the stripe down "her" back..

She was in with straight run, mixed bantam chicks from Ideal, that I bought at our local feed store. These three were the only 3 of their kind in the shipment. All the rest looked like RIR banties.
Please help me identify my little Bambi.. if you can! Ohh, and any hints on the little black baby in the middle would be appreciated too.. someone told me Black Sex Link? She's black all over, with a little white under her chin. The one on the right is Coconut.. she's a cochin..
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Then the black baby isn't a black sex-link. Ideal only has standard sized ones.
It's probably a black colored old english game bantam. Old english game are very friendly if you handle them regularly. I have several in my yard. They do great free ranging because they're small and can get some pretty good air when they want to.

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