Please help! My hen can't walk and just sleeps.

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  1. kait1012

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    Aug 6, 2013
    About a week ago i noticed my hen; a white longhorn, limping and the next day she wouldn't even come out of the coop. My family and I are first time chicken owners and this site has been very helpful. We have four red hens and two white longhorns. We have seperated the sick one and at first i thought she might have a prolapsed vent or gleet. I have given her a little bath in epsom salt and warm water everyday more so to get the poo off of her bum which has been building up everyday on account of her not moving. I have been giving her a vitamin and electrolyte mix in her water which i leave in her crate all day but i mostly see her drink it while i give her a bath. I have been feeding her hardboiled egg, yogurt her regular feed and a little canned cat food. she wont really eat anything but the egg. The first time i bathed her there was sign of small worms or maggots in the water but i havnt seen them since. I put mite dust on her and veterycin on her bum and feet, i don't see bumble foot but as these are my first hens I can't be sure. Her belly is really blue and i cant tell if its puffed out or not. She's leaning to one side and doesnt move her legs. i was going to see if i could go get some antibiotics dewormer or st johns wort tonight but i don't want to give all of this weird stuff to her when shes already sick. Today when i gave her a bath all of this foul smelling yellow poo came out of her bum. idk if that is a sign of something, We really don't want to lose her so any help is appreciated.
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    Aug 4, 2013
    I would keep giving her electrolytes and vitamins. There is some of the poultry protecter from manna pro company. You should be able to get it at tractor supply or a farm store. It should help with the bugs.

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