Please help. Need advice.


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May 13, 2020
A while ago I posted pictures of my barred rocks. I got straight run from tractor supply. You guys were very kind telling me they are males. So anyway, 2 out of 5 have started getting the really long neck feathers. They are 9 weeks old by the way. But huge. The other 3 haven’t. I also have 3 leghorn Roos. For sure Roos. They crow and everything also 9 weeks old. Well, the barred rocks look very manly. They have huge combs and wattles. 4 have vibrant red combs and one did more peach colored. Well I go to let them out and 3 leghorns saw one and dropped their wings and started doing their dance around it. So basically, my question is, do they do this to males too? Or do I maybe have a little bit of luck and “he” happens to be a hen? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you! This is the only breed I’ve had a hard time sexing.

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