Please help... possible egg white coming out of vent

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    My sweet girl was acting a little strange, just standing there with her tail bobbing up and down. I thought she might be egg bound, so I soaked her in a warm bath. I did go in event and didn't feel anything. But now she has something that looks like egg white coming out of her vent. Also, yesterday or the day before, someone laid a shell less egg I think maybe it was her. Is she doomed? Is there anything I can do?
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    How old is she? Shell--less or soft eggs can happen in newer layers, but also in older hens. Make sure that she is getting a layer feed plus some crushed oyster shell for extra calcium. Mine like crushed eggshells which are a source of calcium. Plain yogurt in small amounts for probiotics, can also be a good source. Vitamin D in canned tuna and eggs is also good to give in small amounts.
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    She's just a year old. She passed white and yolk, plus something kind of like a membrane. She enthusiastically ate most of the yolk! She's resting now and I'll see how she is in the morning. They are on layer feed, but I don't always have the oyster shell out. I will now. I guess the layer calcium isn't enough for her.
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    It sounds like a soft shelled egg was broken inside of her and was simply passed.

    The oyster shell should do the trick.

    Is she just starting to lay again as the days are getting longer? They can do odd things as their system gears up again.

    Just watch her to make sure this is a singular oddity and clears within a week or so, especially with the added calcium.


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