PLEASE HELP!!! Pullet was attacked/pecked apart by other ones!!!!


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May 28, 2014
Okay so I have 6 pullets that are all together in a large brooder while I finish the last of my coop, and when I got home, my SL Polish was lying on the ground while the other ones were pecking at her and *eating??!!* at her lower back. We picked her out, and her entire lower back was picked bloody and raw, and there was a big gash on her back, and a little of her tail or backbone was exposed. Her tail was all bloody also. I cleaned it with Cetaphil and then rinsed it well with alcohol (because God knows chicken habitats are sooo clean), then I stitched the gash up. I put a large bandaid on it all, and used an oral syringe to give her water. At first she didn't respond to anything, but she's still breathing, laying with her head down. When I last gave her water, she opened her eyes a little and fought it a little. She's waking up every once in a while and trying the preen, but then she's just falling back asleep....

What should I do?? I separated the main perpetrator (a white cochin no less..) and the victim's in my bathroom sink sleeping right now. Please any tips, instructions.. anything please!!!!!!!

Thank you..
You will need to keep the injured one separate til she recovers. At that point, I would remove the attacker for at least a wekk while I tried the injured one back with the flock.

If the other birds are not Polish, you may find reintegration very difficult, if it is possible.
Wow that's awful. Hope she recovers soon. If you have a pet crate/carrier it might be a handy place to keep her. In my experience ( which is limited) they always seem very "sleepy" or near death after trauma, just in shock. Hope that's a bit reassuring. Good luck.
Thank you all for the advice, but my little Mae Mae just passed away. Her injuries were too great :(, I appreciate all of your help though, thank you.

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