Please help! Really hurt bird and really mean rooster!

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    This morning I was checked on my birds and I have 2 roosters in one cage. I noticed yesterday that I had one mean rooster and seperated them. But to find out I accidently put the mean rooster with my nice pheniox rooster! :'( My nice rooster was in the coner of the cage with mud over it's head. It has basikly no feathers left on it's neck and head and top back. It's coom is all bloody and cut up. It's head and neck is all is all swallon and has a huge lump on it's neck. Around his eyes are all swallon and he can't even open them a little. He is so dizzy. I really really do not want to kill him so do not even mention that. Do you know what I can do for him and his cuts and what to feed him cause he can not see. What do I do
    His ear lofes are all cut up to. When I put caned fish water up to his beak he will drink tho.

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    Clean his wounds off with a warm washcloth and pat them dry. Put some neosporin (non-pain relieving kind) on the wounds. On top of the neosporin you can put some Blu-Kote on so he doesn't pick at his wounds. It's good he is drinking. You can put some vitamins (Poly-vi-sol with no iron for example) in his water to give him a boost. Keep a close eye on his wounds. Make sure they aren't giving off an odor or starting to change an unusual color.
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    Completely agree with the copious antibiotic ointment. Keep him in a confined, safe, quiet area. When my birds were attacked by a dog, I got small bottles of Chlorhexidine soap and rinse from my vet, and cleansed the wounds morning and night followed by the antibiotic ointment. Because mine had dog bite wounds, I also gave Penicillin G injections once a day x 3 days, 0.1 cc. Fed yogurt, cheese crumbles as well as the electrolytes in the water to assist with the internal flora balance. All completely healed, including the giant missing chunks of muscle/skin/tissue/feathers.

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