Please Help, Sally needs a manicure !

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    Please Help, Sally needs a manicure !

    Sally is a 6 yr. old Australop.
    She can't "scratch the ground" like other chickens do.
    Her nails are all at about 1/2 in. long.
    The nails are so long, her toes are twisting.

    She has really poor vision and she walks cautiously.
    It looks like cataracts in her eyes.
    I found her when she was young.
    She had been attacked by other young chickens.
    Bloody, featherless and in shock. I wasn't sure she would even live !

    She is more than just a "BackYard Chicken" to me . . .

    So, it's hard for her to walk and she doesn't eat much.

    What should I do ? Should I cut the nails ? If so, how ?

    [​IMG] Please help, I'm at a loss as to what to do . . . [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


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    You can clip them, but be careful. It looks like her nails are white, so you should be able to hold them up and see where the blood vessels inside start. I would clip to just about 2 centimeters from the blood vessels. This way you won't hurt her and she won't bleed.

    This may be a 2 person job, one to hold her steady - one to do the clipping.

    I have used human clippers, but you can use the ones for cats too.

    after you clip file them smooth so the ends aren't sharp if she scratches her face.

    good luck, she looks like a very loved pet.

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    Does she scratch for goodies? Put her goodies on a paver tile and let her file her own nails. Or keep them done once you get her caught up...
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    Jan 26, 2007
    I forget the name of it but they have been advertising a trimmer for dogs on TV. It works great for chickens too!
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    Quote:Yea, me too!.....what was it...what was it.....??? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Hold on let me look it up...
    I saw that it worked great! And way easier and less dangerous. [​IMG]
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    If you're worried about doing it yourself, you could probably go to a dog groomer. They are very experienced with nails...
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    A vet tech would probably be able to clip those for you too. They only charge $5 to clip nails at my vet's office... of course that's for dogs & cats, but you could ask yours if they would do a chicken's nails and how much they would charge if they will do it. Best wishes! [​IMG]
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    If you don't feel confident, I agree that a groomer or vet tech would be an excellent choice. If you do decide to do it yourself, DO NOT use human nail clippers. They can split the nail from the pressure on both sides. Pet nail clippers are rounded, and apply relatively even pressure all around. You can get them at any pet store.
    To do it yourself, have someone hold her still, and put the foot near a lightbulb or flashlight. You should be able to see the blood vessel. Cut with at least 1.5 cm to spare. Then, take an emory board and get rid of any rough bits so they don't cause splitting when she scratches. Once they are short, they should stay that way from healthy normal scratching behavior. She's such a lovely hen!

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