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May 21, 2012
Hi i have 2 old english game bantams and they are about 4 months old. Of course one is a rooster and one is a hen but i was wondering why the hen hasn't started laying yet? I don't know if the hen is old enough to lay eggs or if the rooster is stressing her out or maybe im stressing her out... I usally let them out during the day in our backyard (Btw its really big so i don't think its because the space is too small.) and then during the evening bring them in so predetors at night won't eat them...(mostly foxes) But maybe then hen doesn't like being moved back and fourth from outside to inside? Or are they not old enough? or are they just stressed out? Please answer my questions i really wanna know.
okay thanks for the help, i was just really confused since i read threads that said they should have started egg production as young as 3 months old :/
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