Please Help! What the heck is this?!?


Jul 28, 2016
San Diego
My new baby has some weird black sore/ indentation on her back under her wing... What is it and should I be worried it will spread to the other two? It looks like some flesh eating disease or something.


It looks like 'rooster damage' caused by a rooster's spurs or toenails while breeding her. It appears to be healing well, but I would apply some antibiotic ointment.
Thank you for the reply, she's only 5 weeks old and it looks horrid! I got her yesterday. The farm I bought her from is willing to swap her out, but I doubt she'll get the care there that I'll give her here and I don't want to just trade her in 'cause she's injured and give up on her. It's a wound, not a defective bird. I guessed it was either a pecking wound or a preening gland issue, but went with pecking wound since there appeare to be a dead, crusty flap of skin still hanging from the bottom of the wound. I treated it by soaking it one cotton ball at a time with a warm "strong iced tea" color iodine/water solution, took the dark black parts away so the wound was mostly skin and scab (no dead tissue) then irrigated it with the rest of the iodine/ water mixture, sprayed it with vetrycin, packed it with hydrogel and put some green goo animal first aid ointment on it with blue food coloring mixed in to hide the red skin. After all that she was tuckered out but almost immediately started pecking at the wound herself!

All the feed stores are closed and there is no way to get blu-kote til Monday so I swabbed some diluted tea tree oil around the wound and she's leaving it alone. I'll continue the vetericyn & ointment til it's healed (hoping it will heal) and so far, other than being extra tired from the stressful experience (I'm still mostly a stranger to her) she's eating, drinking, eliminating (twice actually ON me, lol!) and preening as usual.

Seems like an awful way for the poor little thing to start out! In one way, I'm GLAD I got her. At least it's being tended to now. The breeder had no idea it was even there.

Is there anything else I should be doing? I DO have some manuka honey if it would help and I'm supplementing all the organic chick starter feed with brewer's yeast & probiotcs. Should I add some garlic or something to help her fight off any infection and boost her immune system?


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