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May 9, 2022
Hi Guys! 4 weeks ago I received great help here when my first baby ducks where struggling. Now they are all healthy and happy teen ducks :) although as they are growing I started to see differences in one of them - Sock. We have small flock of Indian runners, but Sock seems to be much wider, not walking straight up as much as the others do. Also her chest is much bigger while rest are very slim. I'm starting to think if she isn't Swedish duck? Please help in that. We love her to bits so it doesn't matter but still wish to know. We bought 6 indian runner hatching eggs online and only 3 hatched, 1 become crested runner which I wasn't informed that they had them in breeding flock. 2 had issues with hatching and had spayed legs when hatched. Also one which didn't hatch had no lower part of beak. Probably won't use that seller again in future 😕 many thanks in advance


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Runner ducks can come in all the colors you will see in other breeds. But the gray one looks more like a runner cross. It is is a very beautiful duck though.
Did she have white eyeliner when she was little? This is my 1/2 Swedish, 1/4 Khaki, 1/4 Appleyard. She is colored like a lavender Swedish.

They look pretty similar but mine has the Swedish eyeliner. This is her now, at 6 weeks.

By comparison, yours still looks thinner and taller.

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