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i put 40 eggs in the incubator 15 hatch. i candle the rest of them 8 looks like there is something in them so i put them back. the other 17 was clear so i crack some of them open and it looks like some were fertile so my question is do anyone know why some of those 17 did not keep going. i have them in a sportsman 1502 incubator. the temp is set at 99.5 and the humidity is set at 60. i would like to know if there is any thing that can be done or am i doing something wrong. i have 80 more eggs in the incubator so any help would be great.

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Hi :welcome

Here is an article on incubation failures ~

There are many things that could cause the eggs to quit developing. 60% humidity during incubation seems a little high. For me 45% is best so the eggs lose enough moisture and the air sac grows adequatly. Then at lockdown on day 18 I put it upto at least 65% for hatch.

Good luck with your next batch of eggs :fl


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So many different variables in eggs not developing. Were they shipped? Did the temp spike? Did the temp go down for a while..power outage? How was the humidity? Once you get a few hatches under your will know what's up. That's a great site to go to Yorkshire posted. Ask questions here and there. But I think the best that experience ..under that hat.
We tend to find, that certain things work better for us than others. Different environments. And...etc.!

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