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11 Years
Jan 19, 2009
talk about bad timing.. My husband and I stopped some where to pick up a kitten for our children. While there the conditions were horrible.. they even had at least 100 fleas each on them. So i ended up taking 3 of them to get them out of there. Now a few days later they are flea free and playing and having fun.
Now my problem, I am unable to drive due to I was in a coma for a month, husband is the only one and I cant afford for him to keep missing work bad enough he takes me to doctors at time. The kittens have started having a very loose stool almost water at times. We are going on day two, should I be worried? I heard pumpkin helps but not sure. I know when we got these little girls their poo was so hard they had a hard time, now it is so soft I dont know what to do. They still want food, love to play, they seem normal in every other way.
Also I want to mention the person said they were 8 weeks old, now having cats i really do not think they are, I believe they are around 6-7 weeks. I am not a pro, but I even had to teach them to use a litter box they had no clue on what to do.
any suggestions to try would be great, I have already tried cutting their food, they are climbing on me and crying since they look at me as mom. It is breaking my heart. I do plan on taking them to the vet so don't bash me, just need some time if I can help it, so I can be the one that drive not husband missing work. Med bills for me with life flight and everything else killed us so far.
Thank you Tracy
If you've recently changed the diet they were on, they are likely exhibiting a reaction to that, it's pretty normal for sudden dietary changes. I wouldn't cut back on their food personally... Unless, perhaps, if the food is fish, as that can cause loose stools in many cats; some thrive on it, some can only tolerate it on infrequent occasions, others will always get diarrhea on it. Also the milk may be an issue, if you're giving them some, again different and individual levels of tolerance.

Another possibility is whatever you used to get rid of the fleas; if it's a chemical they would have been licking it off one another and themselves; also their new environment is full of new toxins, bacteria, fungi etc they've never been exposed to so will take time as their immune systems adjust.

If they came from an environment that was nutrient poor or very unhealthy they will be craving and desperate, don't let them gorge though because that can cause the loose stools among other issues.

There's a very good chance this is just a normal progression you're seeing, since constipation tends to cause diarrhea in turn and diarrhea tends to cause constipation in turn; both issues cause some damage to the bowels, both in terms of the microfauna/probiotics etc and the mechanical side of things (distended, atrophied muscles, paralyzed cilia etc) so if they're not projectile pooing don't fret about it. All pretty normal for kittens changing diet suddenly.

If the person was not looking after them well there's a good chance they either have or are going to get cat flu. Definitely good that you're heading off to the vet's when you can. Until then, best thing is that you don't feel so guilty or stressed that it impacts your health or theirs, mentally or physically as they do pick up on this stuff. You're doing your best and that's enough for now. I wouldn't let them climb on you though, it's cute when they're little but if they're using you as a tree that's bad manners and will lead to harm sooner or later.

Best wishes with them.
@chooks4life Pretty much nailed it. :) A kittens gut is sensitive, my kittens are 7 weeks old & when they first started making the transition from mamas milk to soild food their stools were loose. Now that they're eating more soild food their stools are now normal. It could just be an adjustment. Do you give them wet & dry or just dry food?
Yes, pumpkin will help them to form more solid stools, but like Quakers Mama mentioned, it's really what you feed them and not how much. Unless medically indicated, kittens that young can be fed every couple of hours, a little at each feeding. By 6 - 7 weeks, you should be feeding them kitten milk replacer. It's called KMR here where I live, but it might be called something else there. By now they will hopefully drink it right out of a saucer but if not you'll have to bottle feed them. I would also try soaking some premium dry kitten food in the KMR, making a mash, and let them have a go at that. You'll have a mess on your hands when they're done, but you'll also have some pretty healthy kitties that way. Don't bother with the wet food, it has little to no nutritional value. Hope this helps.

Oh...and it was good of you to rescue the extra kittens. Two more lives saved that won't have to suffer !!!
I want to thank all of you who responded! I did give them pumpkin today instead of water poo it is more soft serve. So we are getting there. I know when we were at that woman's house it was some kind of cheep kibble, with them being young and I wasn't so sure about the water with kibble I gave them soft food. Which the kibble and can are the good kinds. I use merricks or natures best no bi products or anything. I just never had a kitten this young. the little one out of the three I think is the runt she is smaller then my guinea pig. When we first tried with her she wouldn't eat at all, didn't know how to use the litter, the next day i dug into the litter with her and she did it. The food took a little coaxing. but she cant use kibble hard but maybe wet.
My very first cat I spent 60 for her to come home not knowing a thing about a cat to find worms, from there I started seeing fleas, NOT happy. But she was around 8 weeks so it was easier to care for her, the vet gave revolution too and she has been fine ever since. Now I have 3 that had at least 100 fleas each no tape worm, how they lucked out is beyond me, well at least no little worms in poo, I check them every day to make sure.

One think for sure, my cat saving days are over, I now have 7 cats two dogs. It all started with the first one seeing how neglected it was, the second wasn't that was from a friend that took in cats too, the latest came to her pregnant so I took one off her hands since she had 19 cats. The next two were barn cats, which I thought something was going to be wrong there seeing their food bowls, and she gave them milk. Which we all know is a no no, well most of us know. So far these three are the worst I have seen. And Cookie, Precious, and Nakita thank you too. I am happy to know there is such caring people out there.

And forgive me if I rambled in any way since the coma it is hard for me to concentrate any length of time. If you have any more input feel free to add, I will check back.
Sounds like things should be okay. Hope all turns out well. I know how the whole 'cat rescue' thing goes, lol, been there done that; I used to live at a place outside town which was statistically the usual distance from the city for people to abandon dogs, cats, turtles etc, so I was nonstop watching the sorry stream of derelict ex-pets arriving. Tragic stuff.

Best wishes with them, and your health as well.

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