Please help with sick chicken!

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    Dec 20, 2015
    hi, please let me trouble you all with my own sick chicken dilemma. Augusta is a 10 mo. old Buff Rock. She's been laying an egg daily for a while. A little over a week ago I found her sitting in my yard. She did not get up when I went over to her, so I thought she had in mind to lay an egg there. So I put her back in her run and shut her and my other 2 chickens in. I found her up in her coop later that day, prostrate, face down in her bedding. I thought she was dead, but she was breathing. 3 eggs had been laid that day, so she laid that day.

    I moved her to a box in my garage. I figured she would die immediately. I left her there 2 days (!) without feeding her! I was too wimpy to kill her. After 2 days she was still laying there breathing, so I started force feeding her water. This is what I've done so far:

    Bathed her in epsom salt water-I need to wash her again cause her tail feathers are a bit poopy
    Feed her 5-20mL water with Corid and Wazine in it about 4 times a day
    Then I added wet mash
    Then I started sometimes mixing in plain yogurt
    This is feeding with maximum assist. I dip her beak in the liquid, and sometimes she lifts her head to swallow but tires easily. She's getting stronger and squawks/bocks from time to time now. Sometimes I try to wedge a medicine cup above her tongue and poor some down. Her crop is draining.

    After a couple days she pooped. I moved her to a bigger box with a waterer, but she doesn't drink herself.
    She has pecked at things a couple times (watermelon), but does not feed herself
    She limps around the box and holds her head up now, and tonight I saw her grooming her back feathers.
    She continues to poop, green just slightly runny now, and I found a chalky white meringue thing stuck in her feathers near her vent, the size of a golf ball.
    She seems kind off PARALYZED in her wings and legs, or just very weak.
    When placed on the ground she sometimes still lays flat, but can sit up and stand momentarily now.

    I just don't know what to do, how long to continue this. I don't think I can keep hand feeding her several times a day forever.

    Is there hope she will regain strength/movement?
    What should I keep doing? change?

    PS-I've also medicated other two chickens and they seem fine.

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    Ok, so, my chickens have had this many times. I have had 4 die from it.
    She probably has a bad case of worms. I have figured out a way to fix it.
    You do need to act fast though.
    Put some crushed Garlic in olive oil to make a garlic solution that you can rub all over her.
    Put the garlic out in water and force feed it to her (sqeeze the sides of her mouth and pour it in, letting her swallow)
    Cut off her butt fuzz, where the poop is, we did this to one of my chickens and worms poured out.
    You have done well so far, to be honest, I would have thought she would have passed away already. This is good, it means she is a fighter![​IMG]
    Good luck and I hope she gets better soon!!!

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