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Jul 16, 2016
Chisago city, Minnesota
I am new to raising ducks, we are raising them for eggs. We have five and a few weeks ago one of our dogs pinned one two the ground, I thought she was a goner when she couldn't walk the next day, but over time she got better, she could eat and get to the water. Now, starting yesterday she looks really bad, she can hardly walk and is a lot smaller than the other four. What can I do? I'm afraid of the answer, my wife and kids have grown quite fond of them all.
I'm so sorry to hear about her injury, but also so glad she is alive.

Mammal bites are filled with bacteria that is poisonous to birds. Even after the initial healing a dangerous infection can continue. Internal damage such as injured organs or broken bones can also be an issue, as can lowered immune system responses.

We had two chicks that were terribly injured by a hen. They made a full recovery, then caught a virus and died from paralysis. It is very sad, but sometimes an injury can cause more damage then first noticed.

To help your duck I would suggest getting her somewhere quiet, neither hot nor cold, and getting her drinking electrolyte/vitamin water and nutrient rich food to help her body heal. Let her rest, check her for wounds and clean any you see. You could even try antibiotics or some other medication to help her fight off any internal infection. Whatever it is, it may just have to run its course. All you can do is support her during this to help her fight through it.

I hope she gets better soon. Best of luck to you and your family!
If it is possible, I would get her to a vet.

It does sound likely she's gotten a systemic infection from her wounds.

I would get her on oral antibiotics a.s.a.p. They are sold in feed stores and online.

Take a close look under her wings, and around her vent. Often dog bites are hidden there.

Vitamins and electrolytes can help support her healing process - so does keeping her comfortable and safe, with clean bedding, fresh water and high quality food.

What have you done so far to treat her?

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