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Jun 7, 2016
Narre Warren
Hi everyone,

We adopted a silkie hen on the weekend. We found out she has scaly leg mites which we are currently treating, but she isn't walking right.
Can someone have a look at the video and tell me if she needs veteninary care? I'm very worried.
It's hard to tell, but I would put her on some poultry vitamins in her water, in case of a deficiency. It looks a bit neurological, or possibly is an injury. Was she vaccinated for Mareks disease? Does he right foot seem like it is numb or becoming paralyzed? Is ther any swelling on her bad foot or leg joints, or any dark spots on the foot pad that could be bumblefoot.
I don't think her previous owner had her vaccinated.. we had a bit of a feel around her joints and feet and she didn't seem to flinch in any particular spot. I had a look for bumblefoot, on her right foot there is only a small pinkish-red patch, her left foot is clear.. could this be the start of it? I will also start putting some vitamins in her water at your recommendation.
Thank you so much for replying

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