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  1. many people know me around here, and a few times i've been asked to see MY chickens. i don't have any! the problom is, well, they are not allowed in my neighboor hood! i've tried baragning, everthing! i need some help! i'm only a tween, and i have made a petion, but my parents would let me do what ever you do with them. any sujestions?
  2. Please help! i NEED chickens!
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    If your town prohibits you for owning or having chickens, then there isn't much you can do without getting into trouble. Your parents are responsible for you and they can get into trouble with the authorities if they do get complaints about your chickens, directly or indirectly.

    Go to the courthouse and find out the variances and ordiances of having poultry or chickens as pets. There are fine lines in keeping as commercial vs home raising chickens. Have an older adult that can read "legalese" languages if you do not understand the documents what they are saying about chickens. Do read up on neighbors spaces and if your home is HOA.

    Good luck!
  4. well, the law says i need at least 2 acres, and i only have one third! also, could you expliane somee of that a little better, i didn't understand everything you said.
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    Sometimes chickens can be considered "poultry" and sometimes they can be considered "pets". It's all in the legalese language of the ordinances. If you want to raise "poultry", you need 2 acres according to what you wrote. For them to be considered "poultry", the legal definitions MAY include something about farming for profit, actively being engaged in a poultry business, etc. This might NOT be included in your legal definition there.

    For them to be considered PETS, there could be a separate legal definition/exception. For example, you MIGHT be able to have a chicken as a pet if you don't have more than 4 per homestead and you don't have any roosters. Sometimes you can find that wording (or something like it) in your ordinances.

    If you want to tell the board what town you live in (don't give us your street address, of course!) someone else might already know more, you might have a neighbor 10 blocks away who has already been through this. You'd be surprised how diverse we are! Also, if you find regulations and you want more interpretation, there are lots of people on here who have been in your shoes and gone through all this and know how the wording works.
  6. well, my mom and dad always say, to not give any personal info out, but i did see something that looks like a coop in my neiboorhood. and can't i have pet Roosters? i want chickens as a pet, for egglaying, and last for 4-H. and also, whats the difference between poultry and pets? and i really annoyed the person that always checks emails for the city hall with baraning, deals and the sort.
  7. couldn't i get 1 roo? a quiet one? or a bantam? you know how little boy toddlers always what everything to be a boy, well i'm a boy and i want at least 1 roo. btw, what is a good quiet breed? one that i could get at MPC. also, i can tell you that i live in MN
  8. I hached ( [​IMG] ) A great idea! i get some not loud bantams, and have them in my room for mst of the day, and build a coop thing-a-ma-jig outside of my window! and keep the roo in most of the time!
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    I guess I don't get why you NEED a rooster? Work with your parents. If the town and your parents say no, then move on and find something else to do. Don't waist time on futile tasks.
  10. well, my Mom is opening up to me. she was the one that got me crazy about chickens in the first place. and i want to show them and breed them, thats why i need a roo.

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