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9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
We just hatched out a cross from a RIR rooster and a Brown Leghorn hen. Also we crossed our RIR rooster with our EE hens. Has anyone else done this and if so please tell us what they might look like. Thanks.
I'm not an expert but I'll try. I'm not sure if you are wanting to know which chick came from which hen or what the adult will look like. I'd be curious about both.

Since EE's are crosses it is very difficult to tell what they will look like, especially without photos. The only distinguishing thing I can think of is that if they are laying blue or green eggs, the EE's probably have a pea comb. If the chicks have a pea comb, they came from the EE's. That does not mean that a chick with a single comb came from your leghorn. The EE's could have a recessive gene for single combs so a single combed chick could come from either. I believe pea comb is dominant over single but I'm too lazy this morning to go look it up to be sure.

The RIR Rooster over a Brown Leghorn hen will give a specific-looking chick. I don't know what that chick will look like but, depending on the coloring of your EE's, it may be possible to tell them apart or at least identify some of the EE crosses as from the EE's. I'd suspect a reddish chipmunk but I'm not sure.

Photo's of the hens in question and the chicks would really help. In case you need it, here's a link to how to post them.

How to post pictures/avatar

Good Luck and congratulations on the hatch!!!

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