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Mar 22, 2014
I put in a new clutch of really expensive eggs a few days ago in my brinsea mini. Today, i took the temp with my husbands extech temp and humidity alert indicator. It read 102. Now what? I also stuck the probe into my octagon 20 which read 99.6 and the extech read 99.5 so the extech is right. Are my eggs gone? I feel like crying.
Im new to this, but one day i came home and i was gone maybe 2 or 3 hours and my incubator was like at 102.8 my chicks are still moving around.
You may be ok... don't ever give up until day 7-10... If its a still air that's a good temp and what I incubate at, if its a fan type, although its high it may still be ok.. get the temps where you need them and candle at day 7 and then again at day 10.. except for the really dark brown eggs you should be able to see whether they are alive or not..
They should be fine, as long as they're not on the heat constantly, remember most of the heat is rising straight away
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Hi, No it's a brinsea mini advanced. It has a fan in it, the digital display reads 99.5/6. Wondering if something is wrong with it. I've used it one time, hatch was 5, but had to pick 2 out of their shells. They are fine but this scares me.

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