Please ID this black chicken/hen for a n00b.


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6 Years
Apr 30, 2013
Last year someone gave me a few chicks. I knew the RIRs, but no clue what the black ones were.
When they were little chicks, they were BLACK and WHITE. No yellow on them, top of head solid black. Very Friendly and calm from the day I got them as teeny chicks.
They grew up to be solid Black with a green metallic sheen to their feathers and got a bit bigger than the RIRs of the same age.

I was told they were Black Australorps, but this year when I ordered some BA's from the feed store.....the chicks they gave me are Black, White & Yellow!! These are not as friendly (or at all calm) like the Black & White ones from last year.
Did I get the wrong kind of chicks?

Please ID the Black hens in the pics for me. They're all about 4 months old. Thanks in advance.


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