Please identify these ducks for me..need help..


10 Years
Feb 18, 2009
OK this first one is a call duck but can you tell me what color?..

i got these 2 ducks from a man and he told me they were pekins, obviously they are not, but, what are they?


I know the pics arent the greatest, but didnt have time to take them earlier in the day..
If anyone can give me any info on these , that would be great!!
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Yes they are a larger duck....One has come up missing, he kept gettin out and now we havnt been able to find him for a few days.. we had another duck go missing about 5 days ago and his mate is sitting on a nest...

our neighbor called us the other evening while we were at our kids t-ball game and said a coyote was in the field right next to our house when he drove by.. i fenced the broody up becuase i know her mate prolly faught to his death defending her....
Oh man. Sorry to hear that. I am in the process of making my pen more secure. I saw a hawk the other day and I live in a suburban neighborhood!!

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