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    i have a 2 year old Buff Orp roo that is my best protector and i hate that something might be wrong but here goes.

    He has started to limp on his left leg and upon close inspection of him, there is no cut, blister, splinter of any kind that i can see but there is what looks like abrasions on the back of his leg where the scales start and go all the way down. If that was all, then i would'nt be bothering about it and take care of it but there is more with this leg.

    When he walks, he either limps with his toes spread all the way out and puts pressure on his pads or he hops like a rabbit. i put some blue kote on his legs for the abrasion but i am stumped about the nature of the way he walks. Sorry no pics but it would take a movie camera to really show what he's doing. Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated.
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    Feb 12, 2009
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    Hello! Puting the bluekote on his leg will help you may also want to make sure it is or stays really clean. You can clean it with iodine solution and keep an eye on it. Perhaps however he hurt his leg, he has hurt it internally as well. Pulled a muscle, sprain, etc. I would isolate him so that you can keep an eye on the abrasion as well as keep him calm and quiet so that his leg can rest and heal too. Good luck.
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    My own flock rooster began limping awhile back. He did not have bumblefoot or any visible injury. We concluded that he was hurt either jumping off the roost or chasing the ladies. Eventually, the limping subsided and he's just fine now. They do all sorts of maneuvers chasing girls and running for various reasons, so perhaps your guy just has a sprain or his leg got caught in something briefly. Might be advisable to put him where he can't run around much for awhile and give him two or three baby aspirin a couple times a day.
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    ok thanks for the advice. i was wondering about a sprain or something but couldn't really narrow it down due to him "spreading" his toes out all the time. I'll try separating him for a while and see what happens.

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