Please look at my eggs that just arrived and give me some advice!!

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I received my much anticipated french BCMs from ebay today and am very disappointed...I ordered 6, and he said he would throw in 1 or 2 extras. I paid a total of $30 for them with delivery...

I got 4 decent sized ones, 2 small ones, and 1 paler than my golden buffs (probably a 3/4) with a recessed scab of some sort on it.
I will attempt to paste a pic. What I dont' know is, am I overreacting to be this disappointed? He advertised 8/9's, then after I purchased them said it was more like a 7/8 on the color scale (this was still ok--but I originally bought them b/c he advertised the 9s, but I understood this completely).

The 4 decent sized ones are about a 5 on the scale, and the 2 small ones appear to be 4s on the scale. So I have only 4 decent eggs to set, when promised 7-8 great ones. The 3 small onew seem really small. I thought BCMs were supposed to lay decent sized eggs.

This is my first time hatching eggs so I'm feeling a little nervous anyway, and really wanted to have some good eggs to start with! Definitely more than 4 "ok" ones. Should I contact him, or is this normal? Let me know what you all think please.

forgot to mention, but you probably gathered this...the ones on the right were the decent ones (still paler than advertised), and the ones on the left are the lesser ones.
I would think that if you are unhappy with your shipment and feel that what you got was not what was advertised, then you should contact him. At least, that's what I would do....however, I have never ordered eggs by mail
Good luck to you!
The 4 you mentioned look Ok and yes 5's is what Id say, the other 3 look very suspect as in he put something else in to fill the order, 2 of the 3 look small and the color is poor and that last one, heck your guess is as good as mine could be anything. Good luck on the hatch.

I hate to be a whiner, I really, really do...I have NEVER left bad feedback on ebay, and feel loathe to do so. I think I'll contact him first and see what he does. Should I ask for my money back, or for some better eggs? I REALLY want good eggs, but am scared to see what he sends the next time. Maybe I should just reorder from someone with decent eggs and start the wait again...
Definitely contact the seller to try and resolve, maybe send the photo! And if you don't get a reasonable resolution, leave bad feedback. People need to know.

You might also want to double check the eBay description, some sellers have a disclaimer saying if not enough eggs available they will send alternatives.
Remember that egg color pales over time. They start out very dark, and as they get closer to molting, they get paler.
He didn't mention any substitutions. I read it very carefully. Do you think those weren't all BCM's too?

I have learned that they fade...but he sent me an email right before he sent them saying they were "down to a 7 or 8"

I'll contact him before leaving feedback. I just feel bad even doing that. (but I need the $ to buy more!!!)
I would definitely ask for my money least the price of the eggs. After all, he did ship something to you, so I don't think I'd fight for comping shipping fees. If the seller doesn't want to reimburse you for the price of the eggs I would file a claim with paypal or ebay. You definitely did not get what was advertised.

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