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I know that I am still really new here, and I don't knw anyone that is on here, but I really need prayers.

First of all I am ckicken sitting my co-workers chickens while they are on vacation...this only makes me want my chickens sooner, but I am not ready at all to have them.

Secondly my boyfriend has been working at a great part time job for the last couple of months. Well yesterday he lost his temper
and yelled at one of the guys that he was working with. We are not completely sure if or when he will or will not get in trouble. I guess he could be fine, or suspended, or even fired
. Ofcourse we are hoping for the best, but bracing for the worst.

Thirdly, I am waiting on some very important information to come back on a grant that I have applied for as well as a yes or no on if my boyfriend got a full time job that he has interviewed for. Both of these things we thought that we would hear about last week, but heard nothing. We are very anxious about the full time job, because it would allow us to start thinking about our next step.(we have dated for several years)

So please pray that everything will be ok with the chickens and BF part time job situation; and that we would both hear positive things on the grant and full time job.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for all of the prayers!

Well it is so far so good with the chicken problems! (Except Foghorn (the rooster) pecked at me yesterday when I went to check on them. Thankfully no injuries to me or to him!

Also DBF seems to be ok at his job.
No one has made a compalint yet and it looks like no one will. Definately a very stressful event for both of us.

Still no news on my grant or on DBF's job interview, but the way I see it no news is good news. I figure that we might hear something on the interview in the next two weeks so that his start date would be at the begining of a new fiscal year. If he got the position it would be at a fairly small town so I am almost sure they are on a hiring freeze until July 1.

Thanks again for all of the prayers and support, I really appreciate it more than y'all will ever know.

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