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    We had a sick chick, "Butter Bean" and I isolated her as soon as I knew there was an issue, but now I have another chick who is all wobbly with her balance.
    ----Is it related?----
    The first chick was having respiratory issues, sneezing, gasping, wheezing and seemed to have failure to thrive, as it never got any bigger.
    I'm worried the rest of my chicks are now infected.
    With the first sick chick, Butter Bean, she cried constantly being isolated in the hospital tank, so we put in a jerk roo chick who is just terrible to everyone so she wouldn't be alone. And he was actually really good to her. But he is showing no symptoms.
    I'm just really confused right now, and concern for the rest of my flock. Any advice is appreciated.
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    How old are these chickens? It sounds like you have a contagious respiratory disease in your flock where it can spread to all birds. MG or mycoplasma is one that does that. Chicks who are exposed to respiratory diseases can be stunted and never reach their potential. Coccidiosis is a common infection that causes diarrhea, hunching, not eating, and sleepiness, and if not treated, will also stunt growth. Did you get them from different sources or raise them from chicks? Make sure your chickens are drinking and eating well. Give each one a tsp of probiotic plain yogurt twice a week in some feed mixed with water. That can help with immunity. Once you have a respiratory disease in your flock like MG and others, it will always be there making each flock member a carrier for life. You can treat birds orally with Tylan 50 injectable twice a day for 5 days to ease symptoms, but there is no cure. Here is a little reading about MG:
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