Please tell me how to indtroduce a pullet to four otehr pullets!


11 Years
Mar 9, 2008
Rhode Island
I had 5 hens, and we lost one sadly when she was about 3 months old due to a coyote before we had fencing up. Now I am looking to buy a hen off of a friend of mine. My 4 hens now are about 8 months old, and her hen is about a year. How do I go about introducing them once I gt her home!? Please help
My last hen fit right in. But she didn't let anyone push her around. I introduced her while everyone was free ranging in the yard. By the end of the week, she was on the perch at night with everyone else. The best way is to introduce in a neutral environment.
Has the hen been in quarantine for a minimum of 30 days? Are you certain it is free of disease? There are many a sad story that begin with an unknown element being brought into the flock.

Some suggest slipping the newbie into the coop after sunset, setting it on a roost for the night. In the morning the newbie is just there and the old ones are none the wiser...

Another way to do it, if you are concerned that either your hens or the new one might be overly aggressive, would be to keep the new one caged, but set nearby or in their run. The old ones can see her and hear her, but not get at her. After a few days she is part of the furniture so to speak and the cage door can be opened.

But most importantly, be sure that the new hens is disease-free.


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