Please Tell me These ARE NOT ROOS!!!!!

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Jun 18, 2013
I just found this specific forum I posted elsewhere but if anyone else can help me I would appreciate it.
I am NOT happy with our feed store where I have always bought chicks. I have bought only from "pullet" bins and this will make the third time I have ended up with a rooster. We just had to put our last roo down because he could no longer walk & he was the spawn of Satan!! I don't want anymore roosters. I know the Barred rock (3 weeks old) is a roo and he has to go because I have read nothing but them being aggressive. The second one I suspect is also a roo cuckoo Maran (so they said) he is the one I want your more experienced opinions on because he is actually older than my Barred rock but not as much red.... ughh. I hate getting roosters when you are being told they're hens.
You will have to wait until they get older because sometimes the females have them aswell but yhe females comb will be a but lighter
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