Please tell me these are not the whites ones you have to eat


6 Years
5 Years
Jan 23, 2014

Some one told me these might be cornish rocks I dont eat or show I just love them
Just if you are wondering about genders:

Picture1 ( not counting duplicate) and 2- pullet
Picture 3 and 4 chick in front is a pullet
Picture 5- and 6- cockerel
7 and beyond- looks like a pullet.
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Just my guess and from my Cornish x I had they look just like them. If they double in size in a week u will know lol
How old are they, by looking at the amount of feathers I would guess four to five weeks. If that is close in age a CX would be four to five pounds and my Batches of CX's that we have done dont't usually have that good of a feather covering.

So I would say no on the CX's

Let us Know.
I think it's a White Leghorn.

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